Lunes 15 Julio

Warm Up


3 Rounds : 10 scap push-10 Scap pull-20m walking arm right KB Over Head-20m walking arm left KB Over Head-200m run


Practice handstand walk

Nivel 1: Nose-to-wall hold

Nivel2: Shoulders Tape

Nivel3: Hip touches

Nivel 4: off-wall holds (use the wall as a spotter)

Nivel5: Walk-aways

30’’ On / 1’off x 6


Met Con

2 rounds, at any pace to get the same numbers:

Lunge 100 ft. AFRAP
Handstand walk 100 ft. AFSAP
50 strict pull-ups AFSAP 
50 push-ups AFSAP

AFSAP/AFRAP = As few sets/reps as possible.