Lunes 17 Junio

Warm Up



Preparation Clean.2 rounds(5 Reps each movement)

Shrug-High Pull-Hang Muscle Clean -Hang Power Clean -Hang Squat Clean -Deadlift – Squat Clean

Preparation  Jerk.2 Rounds(5 Reps each movement)

Shoulder Press -Dips barbell front squat -Dips+Drive -Push Jerk – Split Jerk.


Technique+Load increase

1 clean&jerk-55%-1 clean&jerk-65%-1 clean&jerk -75%

Met Con

1 rep 80%-1 rep 85%-1 rep 90%-1 rep 95%-1 rep 100%

End Of the Wod

Scale Practice

L-Sit Practice

Accumulate 1’ Static  V-up