Sabado 18 Enero

Warm Up

400m Run/Row
Then Partner Warm-up

Wall Ball (Partners stand facing each other with space between to throw the ball)
2 Rounds

10 Partner Plank Ball Rolls- 10 Partner Wall Balls -10 Synchro Mirror Burpees*
*Partners face each other and perform their Burpees in synch!


Workout Partner  In Team of 2

Amrap 20 Minutes

Partner 1 Completes… 100m Run -12 Wall Balls-  6 Burpees
While Partner 2… Rests
P1 completes a full round while P2 rests then switch.

End Of The Wod

Partner Finisher.

100 Alt. Partner Plank «Hi-Fives»*
*Set-up so that both arms reach and connect at extension for the hi-five.